How to fix when YouTube video unavailable?

How to fix when YouTube video unavailable?

YouTube is the world’s most widely used streaming video site and thousands of hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every day. You can find videos on YouTube, and you can learn anything you want. But YouTube also has many problems of its own, such as content moderation and the system for claiming copyrights.

Because of these problems, many videos are blocked for users and users get an error message that this video is not available for many videos on the platform. Sometimes videos are blocked for copyright reasons, but sometimes the uploader even changes the appearance of the video.

How can I watch a video that is not available on YouTube?

There are several common reasons why YouTube videos may be displayed as unavailable –

  • Changing the visibility of the video – The creator may have changed the visibility of the video to make it private and no longer accessible to everyone.
  • The video was removed due to a claim – The video may have contained copyrighted portions that were claimed by the original copyright owner and not available for viewing. Can you learn how to view deleted videos on YouTube?
  • The video is not available in your country – the downloader may not have made the video available for viewing in all countries, or the video is copyrighted, and in some countries, the copyright owner may have placed restrictions on viewing the video.

Before continuing with the solutions, try to play a YouTube video that is not available on the Incognito tab or in another browser. If it is still not available, you can quickly reboot the device and the router and try again. If the video still seems unavailable, go to the alternatives below –

1. Using VPN

A VPN or virtual private network is simply a connection method that would increase the security of your network and hide your IP address. The VPN service has a list of servers in the countries you can connect to. You will be assigned an IP address that belongs to that country and your location, which is visible on the websites, belongs to that country. Users mainly use it to post content that is blocked by copyright in their country.

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For example, a person sitting in India can view exclusive U.S. content by simply connecting to the U.S. IP address via VPN and viewing the content. For example, if an inaccessible video is subject to copyrights that restrict viewing in certain countries, including your own, download and install the VPN, connect to other countries and try to watch the video.

2. Disable hardware acceleration

When hardware acceleration is enabled, the browser uses specialized hardware components in the system, such as the graphics processor or sound card, to process certain images instead of using the processor. But sometimes, when this is the case, it is reported that applications and websites encounter problems.

  • For the Chrome browser, open the browser settings via the three-point menu in the upper right corner.

How to fix when YouTube video unavailable?

  • Then locate Hardware Acceleration on the settings page and uncheck Use Hardware Acceleration if available.
  • Now, restart your browser once more. With other browsers, such as Firefox, it’s the same process where hardware acceleration is disabled.

Chrome_hardware_acceleration_setting parameters

3. Some other solutions

If the above solutions have not helped to make YouTube unavailable, try the following solutions, although they are not very effective –

  • If you are viewing the video in incognito mode or in another browser, clear the browser’s cache and cookies and try again.
  • Remove unnecessary extensions from your browser that you no longer use. Sometimes some extensions can cause conflicts with different websites.
  • If your browser is still using Flash Player, unlock the Flash Player ad in your browser settings.


How can I fix the problem if the YouTube video is unavailable?

Title of Article

How can I fix the problem if the YouTube video is unavailable?


Why is the video not available on YouTube and how can I fix it and make it available again?


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