How to Hard Reset LG G5

If you have problems with your phone due to errors or when you have to give your phone to someone, it is advisable, for obvious privacy reasons, to perform a hardware reset or restore the default settings. In our case, a friend of ours has an LG G5 that he wanted to give to a service center to replace the battery. So he showed some of the simplest ways to perform a hard reset of the LG G5 to the default settings. So if you also own an LG G5 mobile phone, stay with this article, because we will share this knowledge with you, as well as other things that will help people who own a stone LG G5 mobile phone and want to know how to reset an LG G5 in the factory when it is dead.

3 Methods of resetting LG G5 data

As these methods are intended to hard reset the LG G5, if you have useful data on your phone, you should first back it up. Otherwise, all data will be deleted from the phone after the LG G5 reset process.

Method 1: Using phone settings

For the first method, we offer the simplest reset method for the LG G5, which can be performed directly from the phone settings.

Step one. Go to the Settings section of your LG G5 mobile phone.

Step two. Now go to the general settings and touch Backup and Reset.

Step three. Here you go to Reset Factory Data.

Step four. Click on Reset My Phone.

Step five. Select the Delete All option from the list.

Step 6. Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm your actions.

Step seven. The procedure is started automatically and your phone is started as if it had just left the factory.

Method 2: Use buttons to reduce power and volume

The above methods only apply if your phone is working properly. So how can I restart the LG G5 if my phone won’t even start? Don’t panic, we still have the option to switch to recovery mode and reset the LG G5 to factory settings. You can always try this method out of curiosity, even if your phone is in perfect condition. So let’s check the LG G5 reset process with the keys on the keyboard.

Step one. Make sure your LG G5 is switched off. You can do this by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.

Step two. Then press the Volume and Power buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

Step three. As soon as the LG logo appears on the display, release the power button (for 1 second) and press it again. (Continue pressing the volume knob).

Step four. Press the buttons for about 3 seconds, the recovery mode will appear on the display.

Step five. In recovery mode, you can use the volume key to navigate through the options and the Power key to select them. Use the buttons to select Factory Reset and press the power button to start the LG G5 reset process.

Methods 3: Flash memory ROM

Because most people like to hack into their smartphone if their phone is infected for some reason. The above methods will not help you in this case. Then you should try blinking your ROM to make it right.

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To start the process, you need to download the LGUP tool. If you are wondering how to use this tool correctly, DevsJournal’s link will explain everything that will guide you through this process.


There were several ways to reset the LG G5 in the factory. As you can see, both methods are quite simple, and the third allows you to create a link to the proposed website. We will continue to bring such useful things in the future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave us a comment.

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