Kickass Proxy: 100% Working – Unblock Kickass Sites in 2020

Kickass Proxy: 100% Working – Unblock Kickass Sites in 2020

Despite the dramatic increase in the number of torrent sites on the network, their access is becoming increasingly dangerous for users. The reason for this is that government bodies in many countries shut down these websites collectively because they host large amounts of private and copyrighted content that is distributed free of charge on the Internet.

As a result, many popular landfills, such as Kickass, faced a strong reaction from the government and were suddenly closed down.

But despite the repression, the people behind Kickass Torrents (KAT) have been able to constantly change domains and keep their heads above water thanks to various KickassTorrents proxy sites and mirrors.

Kickass Proxy: 100% Working – Unblock Kickass Sites in 2020

These KickassTorrents proxy and mirror sites are hosted by fans and former employees of Kickass Torrents so that users around the world can continue to enjoy the free content unhindered. In short, you always have access to all your favorite content in different genres through these Kickass proxy sites.

Please note that today even some ISPs directly block torrent sites and deny users access to these sites. But thanks to our list of the best proxy sites and KickassTorrents in your area, you don’t have to worry.

55+ Power of attorney and mirror locations Kikass CAT 2020

After the dramatic arrest of the creator and owner of KickassTorrent (KAT), Artem Wowlin, KickassTorents came to a brutal end, it seemed rather disgusting to fans of free content. But thanks to the Proxy Kickass and Mirror Torrent Kickass sites you can still enjoy the original Kickass site as it was. Here you will find a short description of all still active proxies and mirror links. Have fun!

Since Kickass, several new places have been created to complete their existence. Katcr. to can be the best cat site mirror. This website offers all the entertainment the user needs, with the exception of movies, games, TV shows, web series, and much more. is more of a torrent search engine. It is also very effective in finding the exact connection to the magnet, if desired. This CAT mirror site is known by users for its speed and accuracy. Unlike others, kat. sx searches most torrent sites to find the best match before presenting it to the user. is also a search engine, but with a very interesting user interface. This new KAT mirror site is known by users for its simplicity and ease of use. Torrent files from the latest movies, games, and series are easy to find here. The website also claims that it does not follow the activities of its users, which is another reason to try it. is another search engine that makes it very easy to find torrent files. All kinds of torrent files such as games, web series, TV shows, and recent movies are available on the server. This website is very practical and easy to use.

This is another CAT mirror of the website, which looks like the original. This mirror site is also very good in terms of service. All torrents include television programs, films, songs, etc. New users will certainly want to try it out.

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So here’s our list of the best proxy sites and KickassTorrents. But there is something very important you need to know before you can access these pages. Read more…

What is a proxy server?

Simply put: A power of attorney is a person who takes up your position and performs work on your behalf in your absence. A proxy server plays a similar role.

If your ISP has blocked access to a particular website in your country, you can still access the website via another server called a proxy server.

That’s how it works: When you use a proxy to access a website, the request is forwarded to the proxy instead of the target website.

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Upon receipt of your request, the proxy server will mask your IP address with the new IP address and forward you to your destination. The advantage is that you are no longer blocked by your ISP because you enter the site with a new IP address from another country.

Why would you prefer proxy sites and Kickass torrents over proxy servers?

Unlocked torrent sites are preferred by most users because they are clearly faster and easier to use than delayed proxy servers. Here’s an interesting point: Some torrent sites create a large number of proxy and mirror sites that offer users the same experience as the original site.

So it doesn’t matter if the original site in your region or province is blocked or prohibited, because a mirror flow site will always be easily accessible.

However, you should be careful with random mirror sites, because some sites can be faked because their only motivation is to lure users and infect them with malware to steal their data. Rest assured that the Kickass Proxy and KAT mirrors on our frame are safe to use!

Click on the alternative flows

1. Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the leading torrent providers and is a very popular hosting site with a huge database of content such as movies, songs, and software. With so many users around the world relying on it, Pirate Bay is considered one of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents.


Despite blockades in some countries, including the United Kingdom, Portugal, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia, GRBR still attracts people from many countries where it is still available. It offers magnetic links similar to those of Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, placing stacks of content.

It was therefore one of the best alternatives to Kickass Torrents, apart from all the above proxy sites and Kickass torrents. You can choose one that is easy to navigate or works quickly on your device.

3. Demonoid

Demonoid is a BitTorrent tracker and website with discussion forums for file sharing and a search index for trackers. The website has a huge collection of files, ranging from movies and games to TV shows and much more.

4. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is no better than the KickassTorrents. However, if you compare the availability and variety of torrent files, IsoHunt has a small advantage over KickassTorrents, and for this reason, IsoHunt is also listed among the best options on KickassTorrents.

5. Limestone flow

LimeTorrents is the fourth largest game reserve in the world. The site has over 10 million active torrent files.

6. YTS

The YTS is the Yif Torrentz subway. The main purpose of YTS is to download HD video files. The original Yify torrents have been abandoned, but there are now many mirrors that still receive a lot of traffic.

7. 1337x

It is the third most popular destination in the world. The 1337x is a highly secure communication tool that allows users to download torrent files via fast servers. There are 9 categories to work with the website. However, you will not find any files on this site in Google, because it is a deep website.

8. Torrentz2 It looks like a kick stop without torrent files. Instead of one torrent file, it gives the results of thousands of other torrent sites and summarizes them on one page.

9. Extract

This is an online index of digital media for entertainment, media, and software. Extratorrent is one of the top five torrent sites on the BitTorrent index list in the world. It has an extensive collection of recent high-quality films, games, TV series, and much more.

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Best proxy sites and CAT mirrors: Conclusion

While we can use these Kickass Torrents (KAT) proxies and mirror sites without a proxy server, we believe you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your IP address. Don’t forget that downloading content from torrent sites is still illegal in many countries and can even lead you to jail!

But you can use many free VPN services and get away with it. You can view this list of the best free VPNs for Windows & Mac and start hiding your IP address right away. You can also purchase Premium VPN subscriptions to get unlimited access to IP addresses in any country.

Advice for professionals You can bookmark this article to stay up to date with the latest proxy sites and Kickass torrents because we are constantly updating this list with new KAT proxy/mirror sites as soon as they become available.

И… that’s the end! Did you like our ranking study of the 55 best proxy sites and KickassTorrents? Sounds in the comments.

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